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                      Ton barrel filling machine

                      Function introduction
                      ■ When the forklift is empty, turn on the start switch, and the machine will automatically measure and fill (suitable for placing four 200L barrels per ton barrel or one pallet)
                      ■ Digital input freely set target value (filling weight)
                      ■ Free choice of two filling methods: net weight and gross weight
                      ■ The filling head is independently designed and developed by our company, which can move back and forth, left and right, and is easy to operate. It has the functions of quick disassembly and assembly by hand, size change, easy cleaning, and drip prevention
                      ■ The filling head can be adjusted manually, and it is applicable to various cans of different specifications
                      ■ The independently developed control system adopts high-end hardware, with fast response, simple operation and reliable performance

                      ■ The system has the function of automatically correcting and adjusting errors, which can be opened/closed freely
                      ■ The two-stage adjustable filling method is adopted to complete the filling quickly and accurately, ensuring the maximum efficiency
                      ■ Automatically identify the tare weight range of empty barrels and the function of no filling without barrels
                      ■ The sealing, soft connection and parts directly contacting with materials are made of 304 stainless steel+Teflon
                      ■ The controller is equipped with manual buttons for all actions, emergency stop, manual feeding and other buttons for special cases
                      ■ The controller display can timely display the weighing value, time and date, cumulative filling barrels, cumulative total filling weight and other information

                      Basic parameters
                      ■ Maximum weighing capacity: 1200kg
                      ■ Minimum sensitivity: 0.01kg
                      ■ Filling error: ± 50g
                      ■ Filling speed: 40 barrels/hour (200L)
                      ■ Control mode: two gear control
                      ■ Filling method: liquid in the barrel
                      ■ Scale platform size: 1500 × 1500mm
                      ■ Filling valve head: SUS304 stainless steel and Teflon
                      ■ Structural material: carbon steel
                      ■ Roller material: galvanized steel
                      ■ Material interface: DN50 clamp type quick release interface
                      ■ Air source interface: 10mm air pipe interface
                      ■ Power supply: the user provides 380v/50Hz wire to one side of the machine
                      ■ Air source: 04Mpa - 0.8Mpa 10mm air pipe (provided by the user to one side of the machine)
                      ■ Operating temperature: - 10 ℃- 50 ℃
                      ■ Foundation condition: horizontal solid concrete ground, and the concrete thickness shall not be less than 10cm