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                      Those who achieve great achievements win at the level of thinking

                      The terrible cell of the world is people's ideology. If a person's mind stays at the bottom of his feet forever and does not look up, no matter how far away he is from the road, he is just standing still.
                      But those who have moved forward and made achievements in their work have reached the cognitive level.
                      Those who achieve great things win at the cognitive level
                      Have you ever heard the story of Levin Strauss? At the stage of the Seattle Gold Rush in the United States, a large number of foreigners flocked to California to dig for gold and wanted to make a big profit. A young man named Liu Wen Strauss also joined the gold mining team. But there were too many gold diggers at that time, and when he saw countless ant colony gold miners and endless outdoor tents, he was very desperate for a moment. At this time, he found that the mining denim pants were often damaged, and made a batch of white canvas denim pants to promote products
                      For gold diggers, they are surprisingly popular. Therefore, Levi's new company was established, specializing in denim pants. After that, most of the gold miners disappeared. Levi's has promoted the denim pants sales market for nearly 200 years.
                      You see, this is the difference in thinking and cognition.
                      People with low levels of cognitive ability, as far as they can see, the more subjective they are in seeing things, the more likely they are to become prejudiced and blindly follow the crowd.
                      In terms of gold mining, most people will choose to add gold mining teams to earn money, and bow down to seek gold from the sand, hoping for luck to come to them.