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                      White latex filling line

                      Product description

                      DCS-50-ZCT White Latex Filling Machine

                      Main features:

                      1. Weighing system automatically senses the weight of the weighing drum, double-head automatic start filling; automatic installation of protective water on the line; manual release, the machine automatically transports the roller cover.

                      2.'Using a dual-core CPU, the calculation speed is fast, so the filling effect is fast and accurate;

                      3. Chinese, English, a variety of operating interfaces to choose from, easy to understand;

                      4. The filling head can be raised and lowered.

                      5... can set and store ten recipes;

                      6. Net weight and gross weight two filling methods;

                      7. Automatic zero tracking;

                      8. Fast/slow secondary speed;

                      9. Emergency stop / power off / double protection;

                      10. The display adopts a 10-inch touch screen, which is easy to operate and has a generous appearance.