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                      About Lian Yi


                          Guangzhou Lianyi electromechanical equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. is an enterprise integrating R & D, design, manufacturing and after-sales service. Specializing in the production of liquid filling machine, coating filling machine, paint filling machine, stone paint filling machine, marble glue filling machine, dry hanging glue filling machine, latex paint filling machine and other products.

                           "Guangzhou Lianyi" keeps up with the pace of the times, based on advanced enterprise culture, high-quality talents, modern management, advanced production equipment as the means, sophisticated testing instruments, strict supervision and management system as the guarantee, and makes unremitting efforts to produce high-quality, safe and efficient mechanical equipment.

                          "No advance, no retreat, slow progress, no retreat" is our survival concept; "Innovation and excellence" is the company's goal; "Hard work and hard work" is our company spirit; "The flexibility of management may be an art, and the flexibility of system must be a disaster"; "Let customers make money and let Lianyi develop" is the company's marketing philosophy. Lianyi people will always fight, work hard, challenge and create a more brilliant tomorrow with sincere heart, fiery passion and young vitality.